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5 item. Week 11. 14 item. Week 11. 16 item. Week 11. After a short break, week 12 resumes! 13 item. Week 12. 16 item. That concludes the year! Until next year, see you around! * * * That concludes the year! Until next year, see you around! * * * The SWAMPSTORM COMICS SYNDROME! Before you roll your eyes at me again, hear me out: It is common to see one, two, or even three series with an issue(s) in which most of the story is in a different universe or timeline or takes place in a completely different setting. This is not an issue for some other comic book universe (like in the Batman universe there are several Batman books that have several Batmen). This phenomenon, however, can occur in the Swampstorm universe as well. When this happens, it can be very confusing to the reader. As such, I call it the Swampstorm Comics Syndrome! This is the Swampstorm universe as of May 8, 2019. Also, if you want to look up what happened in previous editions, see here: In the Swampstorm Comics Syndrome, the story can look completely normal in terms of plot and general flow. But the execution might be from another universe or time. In that case, as soon as you open the page, the first thing you see is something so out of place, it jars you out of the story and makes you scratch your head, wondering how the story got there. You may even wonder if you read it all correctly. Here are some examples: 1) In issue #1 we see Arthur walking into a room to find, as he says himself, “another one of these [we’re on the office floor now] time loops.” (pg. 2) But, as soon as you open the page you see the Death of Robin story, which is two months earlier. 2) In issue #2,



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