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Details for Foreigner to get Laos license

Details on the theory and practical tests needed to obtain a Laos driving license …

The information below is a basic guide to the process, and what to expect when applying for and taking a Laos driving test. In order to apply for a Laos driving license, foreigners must fulfil a number of conditions. They must:

+ Be over 18

+ Have lived in Laos

+ Have a valid visa and alien registration card

Foreigners must follow the same procedures and tests as Laos. The test can be taken English

To get a driving license, applicants must undertake the following:

+ Physical test ( )

+ Theory test

+ Driving test

More information on the fees and process of getting a Laos drivers license

The following documents are needed:

+ Passport

+ Stay Permit

+ Work permit

+ Certificate from work

+ Photographs 3x4 3 photos

Laos driving licenses are valid for FIVE years.

Including After register

+ Free theory book

+ Free rule of the road book

+ Free account practice theory online and have analyst statistic

+ Exam

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